Welcome to STATGRAPHICS Online, a web site designed for interactive statistical analysis over the Internet. STATGRAPHICS Online implements a selected set of STATGRAPHICS procedures, using ASP.NET web services to perform the calculations on a web server. You may enter data by hand, read data from various types of files (including Excel), copy and paste data from other applications, or analyze the StatPoint sample data sets.
Online access is free for datasets up to 100 rows by 10 columns. To analyze larger datasets, you must become a subscriber. Site licenses are also available for organizations that wish to install STATGRAPHICS Online on a local server.

These browsers support client-side scripting, which facilitates data entry in the data grid.
The site will also run using downlevel browsers such as Safari or Opera, but data entry will require more frequent page loads.

To begin, read the Terms and Conditions for using STATGRAPHICS Online. 
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(1) This web site is designed for users with high-speed Internet connections.
You may check your upload and download speeds by clicking on the following image: Speakeasy Speed Test Users with connection speeds of less than 400 kbps may observe sluggish response.
(2) Do NOT use your browser's BACK button to navigate amongst the pages. Use the RETURN or CANCEL buttons located on the STATGRAPHICS pages.
(3) To try a statistical procedure using a built-in sample dataset, first select New from the File menu to close the current data file. Then select any procedure from the main menu. 
(4) If you wish to use the interactive applets located under STATLETS on the main menu, be sure that Java is enabled in your browser. Java is not required for the other procedures.
(5) Authors who would like datasets from their textbooks placed on our site so that students may load them easily should contact us.